Les Photos des Grandes Orgues de St. Sulpice

Saint Sulpice (17-18 septembre / September 2006)


Organ case during 11:30AM concert

Widor Room


Daniel Roth during improvisation

Case as viewed from side

Foot-pumped bellows


View of case from console

Entrance to organ interior, with main reservoir on left

Stop action Barker motors

Array of Barker motors for keying


16' - 8' Pedal Principal on offset chests, added by Société Cavaillé-Coll (1934)

32' Bombarde looking down

Clock (left) and clock bell cables (right)

Bells to clock with cables and onlookers

To follow: various ranks from the Grand Orgue, Grand Choeur, Positive



Inside the Recit with Bynum Petty and Michel Goussu (curator of the St. Sulpice organ):




Viewof Recit shades. Note protruding Solo "Chamade" below angel's foot

Cluster of Solo Chamade pipes, which are not really en chamade but hooded:

Somebody's dirty hand

Riggings to hold up pedal pipes:


View of nave from console level

Hail storm machine


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